…is a new concept brought by the Polish Skateboarding Association, whose aim is to raise standards on the Polish skateboarding scene.

The idea of such a championship is based on carrying out a number of professional contests – Polish skateboarding championships, whose results will translate into an objective ranking of the Polish skaters. All of these contests will be judged in compliance with the criteria of the World Cup of Skateboarding, and they will be organized according to particular guidelines, binding for all the organizing parties. The results of all the competitions will be summed up in the form of a clear ranking of the Polish riders. Thanks to this, Poland will follow numerous other countries, where such national classifications are already being successfully carried out for several years now.

Taking part in the Polish Skateboarding Grand Prix will give the skaters greater opportunities to get recognized on the scene and more chances for professional cooperation with major skateboarding companies – be they Polish or foreign ones. From the point of view of these companies, on the other hand, such ranking will encourage them to support the best riders.

Polish Skateboarding Grand Prix 2017 – locations:
1st stop – 8-9.7.2017 Lines of Bielawa
2nd stop – 14-16.7.2017 Rzeszów – Carpatia Extreme Festival
3rd stop – 26.8.2017 Andrespol